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Plugin Really Simple Ad Injection

Ada plugin menarik dan patut dicoba untuk teman yang termasuk blogger matre, alias menyisipkan iklan baik dari GA, Amazon, dll selamat mencoba :

Really Simple Ad Injection plugin is a simple plugin that will help you automatically inject any kind of ad code inside your post content.

You only need to paste your ad code in the plugin admin option, select the ad position and alignment, and done, your ad will be injected inside your blog content.

Regarding the ad code, you can use any kind of ad like Google Adsense, Chitika, Amazon, Clickbank, 3rd party banner etc. Basically any kind of ad code are supported.

– Ad block alignment: float left, float right, center
– Ad position: after certain paragraph or random position

Download Really Simple Ad Injection Plugin

For the float left and float right option, it will automatically give a 10px margin between the ad block and the text surrounding it.


really simple ad injection admin page

sumber : http://exclusivewordpress.com/really-simple-ad-injection

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