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Plugin SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

SEO Auto Links & Related Posts, is a combination of related posts and auto smart links plugin.

The auto links feature will automatically convert post title, meta keywords, and post tags found inside the blog posts into an internal link.

The concept is simple, instead of comparing all the blog post, it will only match the post title, meta keywords and post tags of the posts related to the current blog post. This will make the auto link process faster and require a minimum amount of resources. Therefore, it is safe to be use in a blog having thousands of blog posts.

For the related posts, you have two options here, to find the related posts base on post title and meta keywords or base on post title, meta keywords and post content. The post title importance is higher compare to the post content. And during the process, the plugin removes stop words from the post content to get the best possible related posts.

Plugin SEO ALRP when compare to SEO Smart Links lite.

  1. Faster, don’t have to loop for all blog posts or max 2000x times.
  2. Faster, using built in WordPress cache, don’t have to connect to MySQL database each time.
  3. There is no 2000 blog posts limitation.


1. Download it here or search from WordPress Admin > Plugin > Add New.
2. Install and activate from WordPress Admin » Plugins » Add New » Upload page.
3. Go to the WordPress Admin Options page » SEO ALRP, and set the options as you wish.


SEO ALRP Admin Page

download plugin here

sumber : http://exclusivewordpress.com/seo-auto-links-related-posts

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