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mengganti InDesign’s UI language (mengganti bahasa tampilan workshop)

The Windows Registry contains an Adobe/InDesign/<version>/User Interface Locale Setting DWORD value which encodes the current application language.

download dulu patch bahasa



• Under Windows XP systems the complete path of that magic key (ID CS4) is: HKLM/SOFTWARE/Adobe/InDesign/6.0/User Interface Locale Setting

• Under Vista 64-bit [and Windows 7] you’ll find the key at: HKLM/SOFTWARE/Wow6432node/Adobe/InDesign/6.0/User Interface Locale Setting

kalau di laptop saya saya pakai ndesign CS 5.5  dan saya mennggunakan windows 7 32 bit ultimate

HKLM/SOFTWARE/Adobe/InDesign/6.0/User Interface Locale Setting

InDesign User Interface Locale Setting viewed from a French Windows Registry (XP).

cara edit file nya :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"User Interface Locale Setting"=dword:0000000b

The last line contains the hexadecimal 8-digit code of the locale: 0000000b in our example (Italian UI).

Actually I didn’t find any documentation about this encoding. I share with you the result of my investigation:

en_US 01 00000001 English (US)
en_GB 02 00000002 English (UK)
de_DE 03 00000003 German
fr_FR 04 00000004 French
ja_JP 05 00000005 Japanese
es_ES 06 00000006 Spanish
pt_BR 07 00000007 Portuguese (Brazil)
sv_SE 08 00000008 Swedish
da_DK 09 00000009 Danish
nl_NL 10 0000000a Dutch (Netherlands)
it_IT 11 0000000b Italian
nb_NO 12 0000000c Norwegian Bokmål
fi_FI 13 0000000d Finnish
el_GR 14 0000000e Modern Greek
cs_CZ 15 0000000f Czech
pl_PL 16 00000010 Polish
hu_HU 18 00000012 Hungarian
ru_RU 19 00000013 Russian
tr_TR 22 00000016 Turkish
ro_RO 23 00000017 Romanian
uk_UA 30 0000001e Ukrainian
he_IL 31 0000001f Hebrew (Israel)
ar_AE 32 00000020 Arabic (UAE)
zh_CN 33 00000021 Chinese (China)
zh_TW 34 00000022 Chinese (Taiwan)
ko_KR 35 00000023 Korean

(Any undefined value will turn the InDesign UI locale to en_US.)

sudah,, selesai silahkan di coba..( kalau gak bisa silahkan di restart)

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