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Extract One RAR file without downloding other parts. (cara extract file rar, jika part nya tidak komplit)

All of us know, when we download the movie it is spitted into number of parts (part01, part02, part03…)

Some time we come across a problem or when we want to just play the first part of the movie, we are not able to do that, as RAR needed to download all the parts. I mean you can not open a RAR file till all the parts are not fully downloaded.

Now I do have a trick to over come this problem. Now you can download only one part & let it play it, without downloading the all the rest parts.

a) WinRAR 3.60 Beta 3 (to extract the RAR file)
b) VLC Player/ Media player classic (to play the extracted file)

a) Download & install both of the software mention above. (link given below)
b) Download the part one (may be like XXXXXXXpart01.rar)
c) Right Click on the XXXXXXXpart01.rar file
d) Select the “Extract Files…” This will open the new window, which will help you to extract the contents
e) For step-d window, check the check box named “Keep Broken files”
f) Select the destination folder path & click the OK
g) After extracting part one (part01.rar) WinRAR will ask you the second part (XXXXXXXpart02.rar) path.
h) Don’t worry just click the cancel
i) Now you will find the extracted file (.avi) in the designation folder.
j) That it, now open the VLC Player & click on the “quick open file…” or “ctrl+o”, set the path as the extracted file(.avi)
k) Enjoy the movie


WinRAR 3.60Beta3
VLC Player

Note: The disadvantage is that only sequential parts will work. I mean part01, part02, part03… will work. You can’t do like part01, part03… will not work; in this case you can extract the first part.

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