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Error Code Image Runner IR4570 Series

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Error Code ir4570Product : imageRUNNER 4570 series
Title : E000
Error : There were several symptoms

1st symptom was an intermittent error code of  E000, sometimes the machine would run as many as 20k before the problem would re-occur.

2nd symptom was the fixing film could be caked with toner.

3rd and most common symptom was that the latch would catch when opening the Main Right Side Door, this can be remedied by adjusting the cover that can interfere with the fuser release (1 screw ) (this cover is added when installing the internal finisher).  The common mistake in the field is to bend this latch instead of adjusting the cover.

Workaround :
Problem was that the latch that releases and applies pressure to the fixing film had been bent causing this mechanism to work erratically (proper and improper pressure when the Main Right side door was closed ).

Solution was to replace the latch which is formally called the Hook Holder Unit;

Part # FM2-0355-000
Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3530 / 3570 / 4570 Title : E001 Error Code That is Not Resetable
Error :
When the machine powers up the E001 error code is displayed but cannot be reset.  (Note: The reset procedure for an E001 code is COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR)

Workaround :
In this case, the Main Power Supply PCB Assembly was replaced.  The machine was powered up and the E001 code was able to be reset.  The part number for the Main Power Supply Assembly is FM2-0260-000.

Remember, if the fixing unit circuitry has an open or a short, the code may not reset.  Be sure to confirm the fixing unit wiring and try resetting the code before replacing the Main Power Supply Assembly

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E004 Error Code
Problem :
The imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570 displays an E004 code. Replacement of the fuser assembly and clearing of the error code in service mode resolves the issue. After approx. one day of operation the E004 code returns. Inspection of the fuser reveals that the ceramic heater element has cracked into two or more pieces with apparent arcing from the heater element.

Solution :
To resolve this reoccuring error code it is necessary to cut all the wire ties on the wire harness running from the fuser assembly to the DC-CON PCB and Power Supply.

Product :imageRUNNER 2230/2230G/2270/2830/2870/3025/3030/3035/3045/3530/3530G/3570/4570 Title : E014-0001
Error :
E014-0001 was indicated upon start-up or when pressing the Start button. E014-0001 can be an indication of a faulty fixing motor. E014-0001 can be displayed when the drive detection signal is absent for 2 sec although detection is executed every 100msec after the start of motor rotation.

Workaround :
1. Check the fixing unit for binds or broken parts.
2. Re-fit J311, and J319 connectors of the DC Controller PCB.
3. Re-fit J1009 and J1011 connectors of the fixing motor.
4. If the symptom still occurs, replace the fixing motor with a new one.

The part number for the Fixing Motor is FK2-0367-000.
Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870
Title : E020 Error Code

Problem :
E020 when copying. The sub-hopper motor M12 would not turn on in service mode or when running copies. As a result, the developing assembly would run out of toner. Tried replacing the Hopper Assembly, Developing Assembly and DC Controller with no change.

Solution :
Replace the Controller Power Supply PCB.  This PCB provides 3.3v, 5v, 13v and 24v to the DC Controller.  The part number is FM2-2764-000. It is item 15, shown below, and is located behind the Accessories Power Supply.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530 / 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570 Title :E020-0000
Error :
The E020-0000 Error Code will occur if there is an absence of toner detected by the Developing Assembly Toner Level Sensor and a presence of toner is detected by the Hopper Toner Level Sensor.  The error code will be displayed after a specified period of time with the sensors detecting this condition.

Workaround :
The output of the sensors can be checked at the DC Controller PCB.  In this case, the sensors output indicated toner in all areas of the developing assembly.  The DC Controller was replaced and resolved the E020-0000 Error Code.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3530 / 3570 / 4570 Title : E020-0000 Error Code
Error :
E020-0000 Error Code will occur if there is an absence of toner detected by the Developing Assembly Toner Level Sensor and a presence of toner is detected by the Hopper Toner Level Sensor.

Workaround :
In this case, a small piece of plastic from the toner bottle was found lodged in the developer unit auger.  With the auger blocked, the toner would not properly move to the sub hopper.  The plastic piece was removed and the toner in the developer unit was vacuumed out to prevent further contamination.  Inspection of the toner motor drive and the auger mechanism for any foreign object damage is recommended before installing a new toner bottle.

Product : iR 4570 series
Title : E024
Error :
E024-0001 Error Code: The toner level sensor has an open-circuit or is not connected.

Workaround :
E024-0001 Error Code:

Toner gets in the developing assembly toner sensor (TS1) and may be shorting out the sensor. Blow out any toner in the sensor wiring and check to see if measure resolved the symptom. The toner level sensor has an open-circuit, replace the toner sensor.
Toner Sensor  FK2-0358

However, re-attachment of the sensor also solves the symptom.

When the symptom has occurred, make the following selections in service mode [COPIER > I/O > DC-CON] and check the setting for the bit1 of [P021]. If the setting is “1”, re-attach the toner sensor.

Product :imageRUNNER 2230 / 2230G / 2270 / 2830 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3530 / 3530G / 3570 / 4570,  Finisher S-1
Title : E024 on an imageRUNNER 2230/2270/3025 series machine.
Error :
E024 on an imageRUNNER 2230/2270/3025 series machine.

Workaround :
One problem  found has been the toner sensor scraper blade in the developer not making contact with the surface of the toner sensor.  To check the toner sensor scraper blade first set up a work area.  Lay out several sheets of 11 x17 paper on the work surface.  Disassembling the developer is a messy job.  Remove the upper cover of the developer and then rotate the developer in a counter clock wise direction.  Basically the cylinder should rotate so the toner is scraped off of the cylinder by the developer blade.
If it is rotated in the wrong direction a large amount of toner will adhere to the developer cylinder and makes a mess.
The toner sensor is located on the on the outside of the developer and part of it goes through the wall of the developer unit.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230/2270/2830/3870/3530/3570/4570
Title : Error E064-0002

Error : E064-0002
The machine displays an E064-0002. The machine creates solid black copies/internal test prints from edge to edge without any blanking.

Workaround :
Check the physical connections of the primary contacts. The primary drum contact is located on the drum and makes contact with an HVT metal contact on the machine’s rear. The drum’s primary contact tab can be easily bent or deformed during drum replacement or removal. If it becomes bent it can cause solid black copies creating a voltage leak also causing an E064-0002. Before replacing the high voltage power supply check the contact tabs first. Reshape the contacts or replace the drum.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2230G / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3530 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3530G / 3570 / 4570
Title : Error E064-0003
Error : E064-0003

Workaround :
The E064 code with a 0003 sub code can occur if Toner gets on the Developing Bias Tab.  If  the Toner is getting on the Developing Bias Tab you should check the seal on top of the Developer.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E100 – 0001 and E110 – 0002
Problem :
The machine is displaying error code E100 sub code 0001 and E110 sub code 0002.  The E100 – 0001 indicates that the BD interval is outside a specified range.  The E110 -0002 indicates that the scanner motor of the laser is faulty.

The laser unit and DC controller were replaced.  The wiring for the laser unit was checked.

Solution :
The problem was that the grounding spring for the steel registration roller was not making contact with the roller.  Reformed the spring so that it made contact with the roller and the error code issue was resolved.  Please see the photo below.  The grounding spring is circled in red.
Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E100 or E110 is Shown on the Display
Error :
E100 or E110 is shown on the Display. The error points to a Laser or Laser Shutter issue. After inspecting all Laser related item it was found that the Ground Plate for the Registration Roller was not making contact.

Workaround :
Check that the ground tabs are touching the Metal Registration Roller correctly

imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530
Title : E100, E110 Error Codes
Error :E100, E110

Workaround :
Although the Main Power Supply, Controller Power Supply, DC Controller, Laser, and Drum, were replaced for this issue, the Accessories Power Supply Pcb. resolved the problem (Part number FK2-0338-000).

Product : imageRUNNER 2270/ 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E100-0001 Error Code
Problem :
The machine is displaying an E100-0001. Cleared RCON, DCON and MMI. Cut tie-wraps. The DC Controller, Laser Assembly, Main Controller, Hard Drive, Memory, Boot ROM, All Night Power Supply, Controller Power Supply and wiring harnesses to the laser were replaced with no change. Checked the laser shutter.

Solution :
When the DC Controller was replaced, the original DCON ROM was reused.

Flashed the DCON firmware and resolved the problem.
Product : imageRUNNER 3025 / 3035 / 3045 Title : E110-0001 / 0002 IntermittentProblem :
Very intermittent E110-0001 / 0002, on copies 1 code in about 150 copies. The  DC Controller, Laser, Power Supply and Main Controller have been replaced with no change in error code.

Solution :
While in process of replacing 2nd Laser assyembly, found a cut on two wires in harness to Laser causing a short circuit. Harness was repaired with electrical tape.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530
Title : E111 Error Code when Flashing the Machine Problem :
When trying to flash the machine, the service support tool displays an E111 error. There is also a message that says “Necessary data not found bpchost.cha files \ servicesupporttool \ bpchost.cha“.

Solution :
Multiple versions of the service support tool were installed on the laptop. It is important to uninstall previous versions of the service support tool before installing a new verison of the tool.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3530 / 3570 / 4570
Title :E190 and E240 Error Codes in Service Support Tool when trying to Format HDD
Problem :
After replacing the HDD, the Service Support Tool is alternately displaying E190 and E240 error codes.

Solution :
After reseating connections on the Main Controller, it was discovered the contacts on the Boot Rom were dirty. After cleaning the contacts on the Boot, as well as the socket on the Main Controller, the HDD was able to be formatted, and all files installed.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E191
Problem :
The machine was giving an error code of E191 which indicates an error with communication with the high-voltage power supply.  Replaced the high-voltage power supply and the DC controller pcb with no change.

Solution :
The wiring between the DC controller and the high-voltage power supply was broken.  Replace the high voltage connect cable.  Part number FM2-2819-000.  The cable is item 9 circled below.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530 / 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title :E191 Error Code
Error :E191 Error Code

Workaround :
Check for a pinched wire in the harness from Connector J404 of the High Voltage Power Supply PCB to the rear frame connector of the ImageRunner, J4001. It may be necessary to replace the High Voltage Power Supply PCB (part number: FM2-0261-000).

Please note: currently, there is no part number for the affected wiring harness
Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3530 / 3570 / 4570 Title : E225 Occurs During the Power Up Sequence
Problem :E225 Occurs During the Power Up Sequence

Solution :
In this case, the platen glass had been reversed when being cleaned by the technician.  Make sure the platen glass has the red arrow in the rear left corner of the machine top plate.  As indicated in the picture below, the red arrow should be right above the CIS ribbon cable when the glass is installed correctly.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E227-0001
Problem :E227-0001 & all 24 volts are missing in machine.

Solution :
E227-0001 was caused by Main Power Supply not putting out correct voltage at J1303. After installing new Main Power Supply {FM2-0260-000} machine worked with no problems.

Product : imageRUNNER  2230 / 2230G  /  2270  /  2830  /  2870  /  3025  /  3030  /  3035  /  3045  /  3530  /  3530G  /  3570  /  4570
Title : E240 Error only on Duplexing.
Error :E240 Error only on Duplexing. The imagerRUNNER will also lock up when the code occurs.Simplex copying works fine.

Workaround :
In this case CL6, Duplex Clutch was faulty. You can check the Duplex Clutch in Service mode in Parts check, CL > 4.

Product : imageRUNNER 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045
Title : E261-0000 Error Code
Problem :
The Service Manual notes this issue as the Zero-Cross signal not detected for 500msc or more after the relay is on.

Solution :
In this case, by replacing the Main Power Supply Assembly ( FM2-0260-000 ) corrected the issue.

Product : imageRUNNER 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045
Title : E261-0000 Error Code
Problem :
The Service Manual notes this issue as the Zero-Cross signal not detected for 500msc or more after the relay is on.

Solution :
In this case, by replacing the Main Power Supply Assembly ( FM2-0260-000 ) corrected the issue.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E291 – Network Connection Problems
Problem :
When trying to update the system software the laptop displayed the following message in the Service Support Tool interface.


Check if the PC is connected to the network.
Socket Error Number:10065
Socket Error Description: No route to host.
File Name: Target Info.txt

Solution :
The laptop could ping the imageRUNNER and yet the E291 code would display when trying to download the system software.  In this case, the main controller clear was performed. (COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>MN-CON)  Then, a successful system software update was able to be completed.

Note: When performing an MN-CON clear you should first generate a p-print.  (COPIER>FUNCTION>MISC-P>P-PRINT)  Upon completion of the MN-CON clear, re-enter the service mode contents listed on the p-print.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E292 – Service Support Tool Error
Error :When attempting to download system software, the laptop displays an E292 code.

Workaround :
The connection to the imageRUNNER was confirmed using the ping command.  In this case, the tech had registered only “English” language into the Service Support Tool.  When additionally registering the “Japanese” language in the Service Support Tool, the imageRUNNER took the download without getting the E292 code.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3530 / 3570 / 4570 Title : E400-0002 on the Display
Error :The error code E400-0002 is shown on the display when trying to make copies.

Workaround :
The solution in this case was to reseat the Document Feeder-N1 interface cable AND clear RCON.

*Note* The feeder width adjustment must be done after clearing RCON.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570Finisher-Q1 / Q3 Saddle Fnisher Q2 / Q4
Title : E505 Error Code
Problem :E505 is defined as a Backup Ram error.The Finisher Controller had just been replaced in response to a different error code. When attempting to adjust the Alignment Position, the Alignment Plates will not move into position.

Solution :
When replacing the Finisher Controller the following adjustments must be made:
1. Alignment Position
2. Staple Position

It was discovered that the Finisher Front Cover Switch (MS31 ) was not being actuated. Without proper activation of MS31the necessary adjustments cannot be made. After activating the Front Cover Switch The adjustments were performed, and the problem was solved.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230/2830/3530
Title : E508
Error :E508 is displayed on the control panel after installing a Q1 or Q3 finisher.

Workaround :
The only Finisher that the imageRUNNERs 2230/2830/3530 support is the Finisher S-1. This error code of E508 is not found in  the Service Manual but happens when either the Finisher Q1 or Q3 are installed on these “30” series machines. The “30” series machines do not support the Finisher Q1 or Q3.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 imageRUNNER 2870  imageRUNNER 3570 imageRUNNER 4570 imageRUNNER 2230 imageRUNNER 2830 imageRUNNER 3530
Title : E520 sub code 8001
Error :The pick up roller will move towards the rear and start to vibrate, then the E520 is generated with the sub code 8001.

Workaround :
Replacing the offset motor resolved the E520 – 8001.

M4 Offset Motor
Part number 4K1-4053-000

Product : Finisher-T1 / Saddle Finisher-T2 / Finisher-AD1 / Saddle Finisher-AD2 / Finisher-AE1 / Saddle Finisher-AE2 / Finisher-Q3 / Saddle Finisher-Q4 / Finisher-AA1 / Saddle Finisher-AA2 / Finisher-R1 / Saddle Finisher-R2 / Finisher-Q1 / Saddle Finisher-Q2 / Finisher-Y1 / Saddle Finisher-Y2 / Finisher-N1 / Saddle Finisher-N2 / Finisher-W1 / Saddle Finisher-W2 / Finisher-H1 / Saddle Finisher-H2 / Finisher-AC1 / Saddle Finisher-AC2 / Staple Finisher-C1 / Booklet Finisher-C1 / Staple Finisher-B1 / Booklet Finisher-B1 / Staple Finisher-E1 / Booklet Finisher-E1
Title : E531 with sub code 0001 / 0002
Error : The E531 error code indicates an issue with the stapler motor or stapler home position detection sensor.

In this occurrence of the E531, the stapler will drive to the rear staple position, paper will accumulate in the operation tray and generate the E531 at the time of staple.  Staple assembly, staple harness ribbon cable and the finisher controller were replaced, the finisher continued to error with the E531.

Workaround :
It was found that MSW104, staple safety switch was not properly actuated.  The spring on the white actuator was missing.

This switch cuts 24v to the stapler motor M11 and is actuated when the swing guide is forced in the maximum open position.

A quick way to check MSW104 is from the finisher controller at J714 pins 1 & 2.  Pin 1 should read 24v constant and pin 2 will read 24v when MSW104 is actuated, and 0v when MSW104 is opened.
If pin 1 reads 24v and pin 2 reads 0v whether MSW104 is actuated or open, replace MSW104.
MSW104 part number is FH7-6379-000

Note: Due to the range of Finishers covered in this Knowledge Base article, the safety switch maybe addressed by a different identification number.  Please check the related Service Manuals & Parts Catalog for correct identificationProduct : imageRUNNER 2270 series, S1 Finisher Title : E540Error :
Error code E540. Dealer had replaced the tray harnesses and the finisher controller pcb with no change in symptom.

Workaround :
Solution was to replace the Finisher Controller FG1-1478-060 and the Stack Tray Motor (M1) 4K1-4055-000 as M1 was shorted out and causing the Finisher Controller to fail

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570, S1 Finisher
Title : E540 0001
Error :E540 error code with a sub code of 0001 is not listed in the service manual.

Workaround :
If this code is displayed and the bin will not lower:
Check PI 10, tray lower limit sensor operation. If defective replace the sensor.
Part # W68-5571-000

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E540 sub code 8005
Problem : The machine is giving an E540 error code with a sub code of 8005.  This sub code is not listed in the service manual.  The error code corrections are listed in tech pub TP06 238.

The delivery tray will drive all the way to the top and then the error code will be displayed.

Solution :
Check FU3 on the upper left corner of the finisher controller.  If it checks out good, power the machine off and lower the finisher delivery tray by hand and power the machine back on.

If the fuse is blown, replace the finisher controller.
Part number 4G1-1478-050

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2270 / 2870 / 3530 / 3570 / 4570, S1 finisher, B1 tray
Title : E542
Error : An intermittent error code of E542 and sometimes E584 was present.

Workaround :
The solution to remedy both intermittent codes was to replace the B1 harness part number 4G1-2262-000

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2230G / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3530 / 3530G / 3570 / 4570
Title : E542 Sub Code 8004.
Error : E542-8004 code occurs when tray B continues to drive down and binds up causing a clicking noise before the code appears.

Workaround :
In this particular case the option tray escape position sensor PI14 was faulty. Replacing PI14 part number WG8-5571-000 resolved the problem.

Product : imageRunner 2230 / 2230G / 2270 / 2830 / 2870 / 3530 / 3530G / 3570 / 4570 imageRunner C3100 / C3170 Finisher S1
Title : E584 Codes
Problem : If the Optional Bin B1 is installed, various Error Codes may result if the Finishers cover screws are not all installed and fully tightened

Solution :
The covers on the Finisher S1 and P1 are an important part of the Finisher frame, if all the cover screws are not installed and tightened the frame will flex excessively. The most common problem when the optional Tray- B1 is installed is that the shutter will intermittently contact the upper or lower bin resulting in a loud noise and / or E584 Codes.

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570 Finisher Q3 Punch Unit R1
Title : E593-8002
Error : E593-8002

Workaround :
In this case it was found that there was packing material left in the Punch Unit R1 during a new install. Upon the removal of the packing material the Punch Unit was able to move freely and the error code was resolved.

Product : imageRUNNER 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045
Title : E602 – 0105
Problem : The machine is displaying an error code of E602 with a sub code of 0105.  This sub code is not found in the service manual.  Typically, an E602 indicates and error with the hard drive.

Solution :
Replaced the SDRAM on the Main Controller and the issue was resolved.
Part number WA7-4625-000.

Product : ImageRUNNER 2230/2230G/2270/2830/2870/3530/3025/3030/3035/3045/3530G/3570/4570
Title : E602-0105
Problem : Error code E602-0105, replacement of the Hard Drive,  reloading SSW  and reformatting Hard Drive does not resolve the error code.

Solution :
The Hard Drive was corrupt and was corrupting the main controller and would corrupt any new Hard Drive that was replaced into the machine and if that Hard Drive was tested into another machine it took out that Main Controller also. To resolve this issue the Hard Drive and the Main Controller had to be replaced as a set, format the HDD and load SSW.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530 / 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title :E610 Error Code
Error : E610

Workaround :
The E610 error code is generally associated to an imageRUNNER equipped with a security kit.  The security kit is LMS activated, but also contains an Expansion Bus Board and a USB Application Interface Board which connects to the main controller.  If the Expansion Bus Board or USB Application Interface Board is removed or has a loose connection to the main controller, an E610 error code may be generated.

Reset and / or reinstall the Expansion Board and the USB Application Interface Board to resolve the E610 code.

Product : imageRUNNER 3030/3035/3045
Title : E611-0000 is on the display
Error : E611-0000 is on the display. The code usually would happen sporadically.

Workaround :
In this case, clearing sectors of the HDD resolved the issue. There have also been some instances where clearing the MNCON has also resolved this error code. A definition of this code is not found in the this product series documentation. Below is a description of the code:

Error in repeat of reboot due to fault of the SRAM, etc.

SRAM information has failed, job information stored in the SRAM cannot be read and a reboot is repeated at recovery from powering off

Product : imageRUNNER  2230/2270/2830/2870/ 3530 /3570/ 4570
Title : E674-0008
Error : Although the error code of E674 is documented in the Service Manual, the sub code of 0008 is not. In this case, the machine was displaying an E674-0008.

The Service Manual describes that an E674 is related to a communication fault between the multi line fax pcb and the Main Controller pcb. When looking in Service Mode>Copier>Display>Version>Fax, the machine displayed, a “??#” for the version of the fax. The machine in this case was flashed. Other symptoms experienced were, no dial tone when using the “On-Hook” key using the fax function, the machine could not print any internal/external prints,  the machine could not complete the “forced shut down procedure” and would “lock up”.  Although these symptoms were experienced, the machine was able to copy without problems.

Workaround :
Following the Service Manual’s instructions, the multi line fax pcb assembly was disassembled. Upon inspecting the unit, it was noticed that one of the ribbon cables on the G3 fax control pcb was not seated properly. After reseating the ribbon cables on the G3 fax control pcb, the machine stopped displaying this error code. The fax functionality then returned and the machine stopped exhibiting the other symptoms listed above. Checking and reseating the ribbon cables located on the G3 fax control pcb resolved the issue.

Related Service Manual error code information for an E674 code is:
1. sub code 0001- An attempt to set mode for the fax device has failed

Remarks for items to check are:
1. Check the connection of the cable between the fax control PCB (2 line) and the main controller PCB.
2. Replace the ROM DIMM of the fax control PCB (2-line).
3. Check ribbon cables within the fax pcb assembly.
4. Replace the fax control PCB (2 line).
5. Replace the main controller PCB.

Product : imageRUNNER  2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570  imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530
Title : E716 error code
Error : Error code E716 occurs with the Finisher-S1 is installed. The error code refers to the Cassette Feeding Unit-Y2, which may not be installed. If the Finisher-S1 is disconnected the error code will clear.

Workaround :
If the error code E716 is present upon install of a iR XX30 series machine, make sure a 3-Way Unit-A1 is installed.  See KB article 54256 for further information.

If the error code E716 is generated on a iR XX30 or iR XX70 series unit:

Check to see if the error clears when the Finisher-S1 is removed.  If the error clears, check for 13VA2 and 24VA going to the 3-way unit-A1.  The 13v & 24v is can be checked at J646 of the Accessory Power Supply, pin 1 (13v), pin 3 (24v) to J741 of the 3 way unit-A1, pin 7 (13v), pin 9 (24v).  If the voltage is present, replace the 3 way unit-A1 controller.  PN:  FM2-3221-000.

Product : iR4570 series
Title : E732
Error : E732-0001 can be displayed when the DDI-S communication error occurs, meaning the communication betwen the Reader and MCON.

Workaround :

  1. Re-insert the connector J1014 ( reader wire harness for DDI communication) on the Main controller PCB.
  2. If the symptom still occurs, pull the memory and DIMM connected to the main controller PCB (J1004) and the DC controller PCB (J381).Clean the contacts with a clear rubber erasure and re-insert the DIMM connected to the main controller PCB (J1004) and the DC controller PCB (J381).
  3. If the symptom still occurs, replace the Reader Controller PCB with a new one.  FG3-3765-000 = Reader Controller PCB Assemb

Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570
Title : E733 Error Code After Replacing the Boot Rom
Error : A new boot rom was inserted into a slot and the machine was turned on.  The E733 came up on the display after a few minutes.

Workaround :
In this case, the boot rom was mistakenly placed in the slot located on the DC Controller.  The Boot Rom slot on the Main Controller is the same size as the DCON Dimm slot on the DC Controller.  Hastily replacing this chip without confirming the correct slot will damage the chip.  NOTE: If you are installing a network boot rom and it is damaged, you will need to contact the TSC for the replacement procedure.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530 / 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570 Finisher-S1
Title : E733-0001 Error Code
Error : The imageRUNNER is displaying an error code of E733-0001. The code is consistent, and will occur when an attempting to make a copy. After the start key is pressed, the paper will feed to the registration roller, and the imageRUNNER will go into code.

Workaround :
An E733-0001 indicates a communication problem, usually between the DC and Main Controller. In this example the problem was rectified by replacement of the Finisher Controller. A possible scenario, would be to disconnect the finisher to observe a change in symptom. If the imageRUNNER will output paper, or at least feed paper past the previous point, the problem may lie in the finisher.

S1-Finisher Controller P/N – 4G1-1478-060

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2830 / 3530 / 4530
Title : E744-1000
Problem : While flashing machine, power in office shut off while writing to Boot-rom. After rebooting machine, could not write software to Boot-rom.

Solution :
Boot-rom software was damaged during power failure. Part number for Boot-rom is FM2-3803-600.Product : imageRUNNER 2270 / 2870 / 3570 / 4570 Title : E749Error :
E749 in Error History.

Workaround :
An E749 is in the error history after installing / uninstalling a Printer Kit or MEAP device in the iR2270, 2870, 3570, 4570. This error only occurs once when this type of installation has been done.This error may only be displayed in history and not on the LCD Display.Cycle the power of the machine after installation of these options.

Product : imageRUNNER 2230 / 2270 /2830 / 2870 / 3530 / 3025 / 3030 / 3035 / 3045 / 3570 / 4570 / 3225 / 3230 / 3235 / 3245
Title : E805
Error : E805

Workaround :
It has been found that the exhaust fan can become dirty or locked up.  Clean the fan and make sure the fan blades spin freely.  In some cases the fan needs to be replaced.  Fan part number is (FK2-0360-000) for both fans.

Labels: canon imagerunner error codes IR 3035 * 3045 * 3530 * 3530G * 3570 * 4570 2525 * 2530 * 2535 * 2535i * 2545 * 2545i canon copier
canon error codes e602 e540 e001 e000 e732 copiers copy machine
canon imagerunner error codes IR 3035 * 3045 * 3530 Canon Copie

Error codes for Canon IR 
canon imagerunner 330 400 ir210 gp210 gp200 ir200 ir 330 ir330 ir 400
canon copier canon copy machine 

  • “E000″Fixing temperature fails to rise
  • “E001″Fixing temperature rises abnormally
  • “E002″Fixing temperature fails to reach a specific value
  • “E003″Fixing temperature drops abnormally
  • “E007″Fixing film has become displaced
  • “E010″The main motor fails to lock
  • “E030″Total counter failure
  • “E031″Option counter failure
  • “E032″The copy data controller counter is faulty
  • “E051″The horizontal registration home position detection mechanism fails
  • “E064″The high voltage (primary charging, transfer charging, developing) output is faulty
  • “E100″BD Error
  • “E110″The laser scanner motor fails to lock
  • “E190″RAM error
  • “E191″Communication error between the DC controller & composite power supply
  • “E202″Scanner home position cannot be detected
  • “E220″Scanning lamp fault
  • “E240″Communication error in the DC controller
  • “E243″Communication error between control panel & image processor PCB
  • “E261″Error in the zero cross signal
  • “E301″Intensity of scanning lamp is not correctly adjusted
  • “E400″Communication error between copier and RDF-G1
  • “E401″Pick up error in RDF-G1
  • “E402″Belt drive fault in RDF-G1
  • “E403″Feeder fault in RDF-G1
  • “E411″Original tray paper sensor/ registration sensor in RDF-G1
  • “E422″Communication error between copier and ADF-F1
  • “E710″Error in IPC communication
  • “E711″Error in IPC communication
  • “E712″Error in communication with the feeder
  • “E713″An IC error has occured (sorter)
  • “E716″Communication error with the pedestal
  • “E717″Communication error with the copy data controller
  • “E803″Error in the output voltage of the composite power supply PCB
  • “E901″Pedestal motor or controller PCB

Canon Copier error codes Canon IR imagerunner 2200 2800 3300

  1. E000 Fuser problem, Fuser heater, Fuser film, Thermistor, Connections, Power Supply
  2. E001 Fuser Temperature too high, Fuser heater, Fuser film, Thermistor, Connections, Power Supply
  3. E002 / E003 Low Fuser Temperature, Thermistor, Fuser heater, Fuser film, Connections, Power Supply
  4. E004 Fuser problem, triac shorted, thermistor, power supply
  5. E007 Fuser film rotation problem ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  6. E009 Fuser does not match power supply or DC controller board
  7. E010 Drive problem, main motor, motor drive board, mechanical gear functions
  8. E014-0000 Fuser motor ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  9. E019-0000 Waste toner full ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  10. E032-0001 DA unit communications error ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  11. E040 Holding plate drive assembly, holding plate position sensor or holding plate solenoid
  12. E043 Paper deck feed motor problem
  13. E051-0000 Horizontal registration home detect mechanism ( Motor M9 or sensor PS10 ) ( IR 2200,
  14. 2800, 3300 or i )
  15. E054 Duplex feed roller home position sensor lever, duplex feed roller gear, duplex drive board,duplex feed clutch, or duplex motor
  16. E055 Horizontal registration guide, home sensor lever, drive gear, duplex drive board, horizontal registration motor or duplex drive motor
  17. E064-0000 Charge, transfer or developer bias problem
  18. E100 Laser unit, BD mirror, image processor board, laser board, DC controller, can also happen if drum is not installed
  19. E102 Laser problem
  20. E110-0000 Laser motor ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  21. E202-0001 Scan problem, scan switch, scan motor, image processor board ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i ), panel locked with error message
  22. E203 Scan motor driver board, scan motor or reader controller board
  23. E204-0001 ADF lead edge image signal problem ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  24. E211/215 Reader controller board, exposure lamp heater, exposure lamp thermistor, flat cable connections.
  25. E216 Exposure lamp, inverter board, reader controller board
  26. E217 Exposure lamp heater or heater controller board
  27. E219 Exposure lamp, inverter board, reader controller board
  28. E220-00001 Exposure lamp inverter board ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  29. E225-0000,-00002 White plate/edge whit plate read error, bad CCD or exposure lamp ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  30. E240-0000 Mcon-Dcon problem, bad DC controller ( IR 2200, 2800, 3300 or i )
  31. E243-0000 Control panel to image processor board communication problem,main controller board

unique error code : VCW3SD4JFW2M – See more at:

Cara menginstall Windows 8 Melalui USB Flashdisk

January 31, 2014 Leave a comment

Versi Pra-Beta dari Operating Sistem Windows 8 Sudah bisa di download (tidak resmi). Mungkin sebagian dari kita telah mempersiapkan untuk memakai Windows 8 ini, dan salah satu cara terbaik dan cepat untuk menginstall windows 8 atau windows 7 ialah dengan memakai USB flashdisk.

Karena sebagian besar dari motherboard yang tersedia saat ini mendukung booting melalui USB, sekarang kita akan mencoba untuk menunjukkan cara menyiapkan USB flashdisk bootable untuk menginstall Windows 8, Meskipun banyak utilitas gratis yang tersedia untuk membuat USB flashdisk menjadi bootable (bisa booting layaknya CD/DVD), tapi kebanyakan utilitas gratis tidak bekerja dengan sempurna, kali ini kita akan menggunakan cara yang mudah dan simpel yang tentunya 100% bekerja yaitu menggunakan Command prompt saja.

Persyaratan :

  • Windows 8 ISO atau DVD Windows 8
  • 4GB USB Flashdisk
  • Sebuah PC dengan Windows Vista, Windows 7 atau Windows 8.

Catatan: Harap Backup dahulu isi USB flashdisk kita, karena kita akan memformatnya kemudian.

Langkah-Langkah menginstall Windows 8 Melalui USB Flashdisk:

    1. Colokkan USB flashdisk kita ke komputer dan backup (simpan) dahulu file2 didalamnya jika ada ditempat lain.
    2. Klik Start -> All Programs -> Accessories klik kanan pada Command Prompt dan pilihRun as administrator untuk menjalankan Command Prompt dengan hak akses Administrator. Klik Yes kalo nongol jendela UAC.

Kita dapat juga menjalankan perintah Command Prompt dengan hak akses Administrator melalui Start Menu – Search dengan mengetikkan perintah CMD kemudian diikuti dengan menekan tombol Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

    1. Pada Command Prompt, ketikkan perintah berikut dan tekan Enter:

Kita akan melihat pesan yang muncul seperti berikut ini:

    1. Sekarang, ketik perintah LIST DISK dan tekan Enter, untuk melihat nomor disk USB flashdisk kita yang mana, dalam tutorrial berikut USB flashdisk saya ada dinomor 1. Periksa ukuran USB flashdisk berikutnya (lih gambar) untuk memastikan nomor USB flashdisk yang akan kita pakai.

Seperti gambar diatas, dimana usb flashdisk nya ada di nomor 1 15GB, jadi pastikan DISKPART dapat mengenali USB flashdisk kita, jika ngga kedetect, cobalah cabut dan masukkan kembali USB flashdisknya kemudian ulangi langkah2 diatas.

Sekarang ketikkan perintah berikut satu persatu diikuti dengan menekan tombol Enter.









Sekarang kita telah membuat USB flashdisk kita bisa booting, Jangan tutup dulu jendela Command prompt nya, cukup kecilin, dan ikuti dulu langkah selanjutnya.

    1. Sekarang Mount lah file ISO windows 8 kita dengan memakai program Virtual CD/DVD seperti Virtual Clone Drive (gratis) atau Ultra ISO dll, jika ada DVD nya, masukin ke DVD-ROM DVD nya.

Setelah kita mount file ISO nya, catat nama Drivenya (Misal Drive G:), karena kita akan mengcopy isi nya ke USB flashdisk kita nanti.

    1. Sekarang kita kembali ke jendela Command Prompt tadi dan jalankanlah perintah berikut:

G: CD BOOT lalu tekan Enter (dimana G: adalah virtual drive yg telah kita bikin (mount))

    1. Ketik : BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 J: ( dimana J: adalah nama drive USB flashdisk kita, dapat kita cek di my computer atau windows explorer)

  1. Sekarang bukalah windows explorer dan copykan semua isi file ISO yang telah kita mount tadi dengan memakai program Virtual CD atau ultra ISO dll, copy kan semua isinya ke dalam USB flashdisk kita. Jika memakai CD/DVD tinggal copykan saja semuanya kedalam usb flashdisk kita.

Cara lain yang lebih mudah untuk menginstall windows 8 menggunakan USB flashdisk yaitu dengan menggunakan program kecil yang bernama Rufus

Langkah2 untuk membuat usb flashdisk agar bisa digunakan untuk menginstall windows 8 menggunakan tool Rufus :

    1. Colokin usb flashdisk ke komputer yang bersistem operasi windows xp, vista atau windows 7 dan pastikan data2 didalamnya kalau ada dibackup/diamankan terlebih dahulu.
    2. Download dan jalankan program rufus (rufus_v1.2.0.exe) dengan hak akses administrator (untuk windows vista dan windows 7)
    3. Pilih Usb flashdisk, pilih file sistem yang akan digunakan (FAT 32/NTFS), aktifkan mode Quick format, “Create a bootable disk using: MS-DOS” dan juga “Create extended label and icon files”

    1. Klik kanan pada gambar ikon drive kecil disamping pilihan “Create a bootable disk using”, kemudian pilih lokasi dimana file ISO windows 8 berada.
    2. Selanjutnya, klik tombol “Start”, untuk memulai mentransfer file2 dari file iso windows 8 kedalam USB flashdisk, dan setelah proses selesai, USB flashdisk ini dapat digunakan untuk menginstall windows 8 seperti layaknya menggunakan CD/DVD.

Perlu diingat, setelah USB flashdisknya diisi dengan file2 instalasi windows 8, USB flashdisknya masih bisa digunakan seperti biasa (hanya jgn diformat atau dihapus file2 yang telah ada), baik itu digunakan untuk menyimpan data kalian (jika masih ada ruang kosong).

Demikian cara yang Mudah dan Sederhana untuk membuat USB flashdisk kita agar bisa booting layaknya CD/DVD disk, untuk digunakan menginstall windows 8.

Catatan: Pastikan pada settingan BIOS dikomputer kita prioritas boot pertama memakai USB Flashdisk.

Sumber :

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Download Contoh RAB,Time Schedule dan Kurva S Proyek

June 10, 2013 3 comments

Contoh Rencana Anggaran Biaya,Time Schedule dan Kurva S pada Proyek Bangunan akan saya bagikan kepada anda,karena akhir akhir ini saya mendapatkan tugas untuk membuat itu dan sampai sekarang belum selesai juga karena saya agak kurang mengerti cara membuatnya jadi saya post aja disini hasil temuan saya di google.

Mungkin bagi anda yang sudah bisa menghitung RAB bisa berbagi tips ke saya untuk menguasai bidang tersebut.Karena saya kesulitan pada saat menghitung RAB maupun merencanakan Time Schedule. saya cuma berbagi gambaran mengenai Time Schedule beserta Curva S Proyek :

Contoh Time Schedule 1 

Download Contoh RAB,Time Schedule dan Kurva S Proyek
Untuk mencari bobot dari masing masing pekerjaan caranya adalah :
Rumusnya : (Harga pekerjaan/harga total pekerjaan)x100%
Misal bobot pekerjaan persiapan = (Rp.100.000,00/Rp.1.100.000,00) x100% = 9.09
Contoh Curva S Proyek :
Download Contoh RAB,Time Schedule dan Kurva S Proyek Bangunan

Untuk anda yang ingin mendownload Contoh RAB Lengkap dengan Time Schedule dan Curva S dalam bentuk Excel bisa di download [Disini download RAB]

Sumber Reffrensi :; Membuat Kurva-S [Manajemen Proyek]

Sekian dulu kegiatan hari ini mengenai Contoh RAB,Time Schedule dan Kurva S Proyek , mungkin anda yang sudah bisa membuatnya bisa berbagi ilmu dan tipsnya di kolom komentar. lihat lihat juga post sebelumnya (baca : Sketsa Gambar Bangunan Rumah Type 36 )

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Review Sony Mobile Xperia V: Smartphone Android Dual Core Krait Tahan ‘Nyemplung’

May 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Sony Mobile memang merupakan sebuah produsen smartphone yang tidak terburu-buru dalam mengeluarkan sebuah smartphone dengan peripheral terbaru. Oleh karenanya, beberapa orang akan menganggap smartphone yang satu ini tertinggal dari para pesaingnya. Akan tetapi jangan salah! Sony Mobile masih merupakan salah satu produsen smartphone yang masih diminati karena tingkat kestabilan tinggi serta memiliki komunitas yang sangat besar.


Nah, contoh dari smartphone tersebut di atas adalah Sony Xperia V. Smartphone kelas atas yang satu ini tidak mengikuti tren menggunakan prosesor empat core, akan tetapi masih menggunakan prosesor dual core. Walaupun begitu, smartphone ini tidak menggunakan prosesor Cortex A9 seperti beberapa smartphone empat core lainnya. Sony Xperia V menggunakan prosesor dari Qualcomm dual core Krait berkecepatan 1,5 GHz.


Sampel dari smartphone yang satu ini pun datang ke meja pengujian tim Jagatreview. Sayang memang, kami tidak mendapatkan versi lengkap dari smartphone ini. Walaupun begitu, tidak membuat kami berhenti untuk menyajikan review lengkap untuk para pembaca Jagatreview. Sony Xperia V memiliki sertifikasi militer IP55 dan IP57, di mana memiliki feature tahan debu dan tahan air sedalam satu meter selama 30 menit. Oleh karenanya, saat smartphone ini kotor karena debu, Anda hanya perlu menyiramnya dengan air dan menyekanya dengan lap halus untuk membersihkannya. Smartphone yang satu ini telah mendukung konektivitas LTE. Sayangnya, karena belum ada konektivitasnya di Indonesia, kami pun belum bisa melakukan pengujian terhadap feature yang satu itu.


Sony Xperia V menggunakan System on Chip Qualcomm MSM8960 dengan prosesor Krait dual core berkecepatan 1,5 GHz dan GPU Adreno 225. Memori RAM yang dipasangkan di smartphone ini berkapasitas 1 GB. Untuk memori internalnya, Sony sudah memasangkan memori NAND Flash yang dapat dipakai oleh pengguna sebesar 8 GB tambah adanya slot microSD untuk menambah kapasitas penyimpanan. Untuk ukuran layarnya, terpasang layar sebesar 4,3 inci dengan resolusi 1280 x 720 dan menggunakan layar tahan goresan. Sistem operasi yang digunakan smartphone ini, sayangnya, masih menggunakan Ice Cream Sandwich saat kami uji.

Sony-Xperia-V (1)


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[download] Ebook Sherlock Holmes Bahasa Indonesia

March 19, 2013 1 comment

Ini ane persembahin ebook2 kasus asli Sherlock Holmes dalam bahasa Indonesia, BUKAN hasil scan dr buku apalagi yang formatnya DJVU bro, asli cobain deh… Tiap ebook untuk satu kasus, dilengkapi ilustrasi2 dari novel aslinya yg jadul. Ebooknya lom selesai semua, ane bagiin yg udah ada dan masih bakalan terus ditambah nih, soalnya masih harus ane selesaikn satu-satu, maklum ketik sendiri… Khusus buat para pencinta Sherlock Holmes…

sumber :

Oke langsung aja disedot masbro…
Penelusuran Benang Merah

Empat Pemburu Harta

Anjing Setan Baskerville

Lembah Ketakutan

Petualangan Sherlock Holmes Read more…

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Cara Aktivasi Windows 8 Permanen Aktif Selamanya via Skype dan MAK Key

March 11, 2013 5 comments

Cara Aktivasi Windows 8 Permanen Aktif Selamanya

aktivated windows 8

Banyak cara yang di lakukan untuk aktivasi windows, mulai dari dengan cara menggunakan KMS Server (aktif 180 hari), dan dg cara upgrade window 8 ke media center, namun gagal (saya pernah melakukannya)

dan kali ini saya akan share pengalaman saya mengenai cara aktivasi windows 8 menggunakan Key MAK dan bantuan Skype.
Sebelumnya saya sudah memberikan tutorial cara aktivasi windows 8 not permanen (aktif 180 hari) melalui server KMS. Kali ini saya akan memberikan cara aktivasi permanen alternatif melalui key MAK dan menggunakan bantuan Skype untuk konfirmasi IDnya. windows 8 ini harus menggunakan key MAK (Microsoft Activation Key) yang masih valid untuk dapat diaktivasi secara permanen. Penasaran .. langsung saja cekidottt..

Adapun langkah-langkah untuk mengaktivasi windows 8 secara permanen sbb :

1. Jika sobat belum memiliki windows 8 RTM final versi pro klik DISINI
2. Sobat harus mempunyai Skype terlebih dahulu sebelum melakukan aktivasi, download Skype Offline Installer DISINI
3. Sobat harus menggunakan key MAK yang masih valid dibawah ini :

indielive site 2012 in review

February 28, 2013 1 comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 76,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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